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Jermuk is one of the picturesque corners of Armenia. This newly built health resort which is surrounded by mountains is well-known in many other countries of the world.

Here, in this marvelous nature in the world of greenery and sparkling flowers one breathes freely, seized with joy, light, warmth and with sun…

Jermuk is a high-class health-resort of considerable significance on an all-Union scale. It is the biggest picturesque corners in Armenia, and one of the few the Soviet Union. Here people undertake mineral water treatment. The mineral springs of Jermuk have almost the same physical and chemical constitution and qualities as the same well-known waters of Karlovy Vari and Jhelesnovodsk.

Boththe town and health-resort of Jermuk are situated in the south-east of Armenia, on the upper Arpa, 173 kilometers from Yerevan. You can go from Yerevan to Jermuk by bus. The main road to Jermuk is a kind of museum of original masterpieces of the mediaeval architecture, of castles and fortresses, biblical Ararat, with boundless panoramas of deep canyons and steep gorges. And the river of Arpa is creating marvelous land-scapes.

The hill on which the sanatorium-town is situated is surrounded by luxuriant Alpine vegetation and woody mountains, which are 2500-3000m high. Arpa , one of the most full-flowing rivers of Armenia, runs trough the town and its deep gorge dividing both the town and the whole mountain chain of Vaiots Dzor into two parts. River Arpa is famous for its delicious fish, especially koghak and trout.

The air in Jermuk is absolutely clean and fresh, saturated with the fragrance of flowers. It has typical mountain climate. Summer is cool and winter is long and snowy. In the warmest days the thermometer shows +14C - +16C and the absolute minimum is -35C.

The quantity of atmospheric condensation is 800mm the atmospheric pressure comes up to 600mm, and the sun shines 2400 hours a year.

Except Arpa and its tributary stream Jermuk there are many icy and warm springs, the water of these springs are used for drinking. But Jermuk is especially famous for its health springs. They are about 40, the waters of which are warm and have rich chemical constitution.

The prevalence of sunny days., the health water, mild climate, the abundance of ultra-violet rays, the forests and luxuriant vegetation, moderate humidity and other conditions have made Jermuk a best-class sanatorium and a well-known centre of active rest.

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