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Jermuk Waterfalls
Jermuk Falls (Armenian - Ջերմուկի ջրվեժ) is located in Armenia, Vayots Dzor. On the territory of the Armenian highlands, there are several hundred such sources. Often, this entire complex, and one of them - Jermuk, located at altitudes 1700-2200 feet.

Name of Jermuk
Hundreds of thousands of years from the bowels of the Armenian highlands come to the surface hot springs. In some cases this is accompanied by the powerful gushing like geysers, but mineral water - not a manifestation of the current volcanic activity, and extinct. This is a synthesis of rainfall and carbon emissions: the first through the fractured surface of the forming area lavas penetrate to the deep layers of warm, dilute minerals and already in the form of a new natural education go outside. Since ancient times, such springs are also called Jermuk. Since ancient times man known for their medicinal properties, as evidenced not only folklore, but also the presence of abandoned water-bath.

Description of Jermuk
Picturesque area, where the Jermuk Falls, located on the southern slopes of the Vardenis ridge, where towering Bald Mountain and Shem (the name of the latter is connected with the myth of the gates of Sesame). Lava Jermuk plateau often form and surface runoff that feeds the rivers and waterfalls. 
Falls from a height of about 60 meters waterfall creates a three-domed terrace, the number of collisions of water with lava. It is located in the city-resort Jermuk, at a distance of 200 kilometers from Yerevan, and flows into the river Arpu.
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