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Travel in Jermuk
Armenia is extremely rich in mineral springs Mr. excellent climatic stations. 
In its small territory (29,8 thousand, sq. km.) There are more than 350 groups of mineral springs with more than a thousand outlets mineral waters of diverse chemical composition and temperature.
However, the richest natural healing resources are not used for a long time, and only with the 1925th year in Armenia, these inexhaustible riches were appreciated.
Resort Jermuk is situated in south-eastern part of Armenia, at an altitude of 1980-2070m above sea level, located in the upper reaches of the river Arpa on a picturesque plateau, surrounded by wooded mountains with alpine meadows, associated with the capital of the republic beautiful highway (178 km) N airline.
Extremely appreciated Jermuk mineral waters made famous balneology VA Aleksandrov, NN Slavyanov, LA Oganesyan, AA Melik Adamian, TS Miatsakanov and many others. They believe that Jermuk is a valuable drinking water to the spa resort, and his hyper thermal mineral water on physico-chemical properties closest to the famous Carlsbad Shprudelyu (Czech Republic).
Over the last decade, the resort Jermuk widely known and popular not only in the republic, but also far beyond its borders.
On our pages, the history of spa resort pitevrgo Jermuk, given the geology, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and climatic characteristics of the resort area on the seasons. Set out comprehensive data on medical factors and are designed treatments are widely included in medical practice of the resort, are also indications for the sanatorium treatment in Jermuk.
When creating the site was used scientific works of various health resort, a study made at the resort Jermuk in different periods of time.
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